Cover all the unexpected car repairs with manageable and fixed car repairing insurance. Unlike car insurance plans, the Car Repair Insurance covers all the repairing of parts that wear or fails over time. It generally covers all the natural wear and tear of your car which includes mechanical failures or issues that are not caused by road mishap. Vehicles are likely to break down without any direct cause, and these repairing can prove to be an expensive affair for the owners. That’s where the Car Repair Insurance comes into limelight. It is the type of insurance that covers all the usual breakdowns and repairing of failure parts which are not covered by the standard Family Car Insurance.

This car repairing policy is also considered to be the extended warranty coverage for your car. Some of the plans cover only specific parts like the transmission damages, major engine damages and other septic systems of the car. This Mechanic Auto Repair Insurance is only made available by few selected insurance companies and having one can save you from bearing the expensive repairing cost.

The Workings of Car Repair Insurance

The car repairing insurance or mechanical breakdown coverage is entirely different from the Old Car Insurance but with similar benefits. It is sold by the auto manufacturers or other insurance dealers like an extended warranty of your car, and it covers the same type of things, which translates that the insurance company will pay for fixing the mechanical issues after the new warranty of the car has been expired.

However, there are certain limitations that car owners need to keep in mind while availing the car repairing insurance.

  • Acting Quickly – The insurance plan must be purchased when the car is in new condition. Some companies only allow signing up with the policy when the car is less than 15 months old and have driven only 15000 miles on the odometer. Although you can also signup for the policy after 15 months, but the rates will be higher when you apply lately or after 30 days of the expiration of the original warranty.
  • The Coverage Terminates as the Car Gets Older – The repairing insurance is only for new cars and the policy will get terminated as the car ages or when it is more prone to breakdown due to its increasing age. The insurance companies will not allow you to sign up for the policy if the car is 7 years old or you have driven 100, 000 miles.

Most of the Car Repair Insurance plans come with $100 to $250 deductible and hence the minor repairing and fixing would not be covered by the policy. For major breakdown or wear and tear of the car, you need to contact the insurance company and file a claim and get pre-authorized by the company. You need to get your car repaired at the certified and authorized repair shop, and the company will cover the payments over the deductible.

What are the Benefits of Having Right Car Repair Insurance?

  • Taking Care of Mechanics – The biggest benefit of having the right insurance plan for car repair is that it provides coverage for all major repairing. When you repair your car without insurance, the mechanics at the shop are likely to charge you a huge sum of money for the services. But, with the right insurance plan, the insurance company will take care of the costs incurred in fixing and repairing the car and let the policy owner know if the mechanic is charging more.
  • Best Alternative to Car Warranty – The auto repair insurances are just like the car warranty. But, the only difference is that the manufacturer’s warranty runs out or expires at some point. The auto repair insurance is highly preferred by people who are buying older vehicles as it works the similar way like warrants. It is the best alternative to car warranty, especially for those who want the peace of mind knowing that they have got the same warrant just like the new car, but without the parallel pricing which comes with the warranted cars.
  • The A La Carte System – Some of the insurance policies come with a menu of options which drivers can purchase based on their needs. These insurance plans are made available for covering specific systems or parts, from transmission to engine to different parts of the car systems like brake system or electrical system. With the customized Car Repair Insurance plan, you get the opportunity to buy policies only for specific parts and save money at the same time.

Is Auto Repair Insurance a Worthwhile Investment?

For many car owners, the repair insurance for the car is like a valuable investment as it eliminates all the worries about the auto repair expenses. Moreover, it also offers them with complete peace of mind as the need of car repairing may arise anytime and to bear the repairing expenses, there is a policy for their support. This is what not possible with Just Car Insurance offered by the standard insurance company at the time of buying it.  But for some, it is just wastage of money because the policy can only be purchased when the car is fairly new and not older than 15 months. It also terminates when the car ages. Moreover, the need for car repair may not arise for the first seven years as the modern cars are very reliable these days. So, they avoid buying Car Repair Insurance.