Witch hazel and hemorrhoids, is it really true that this popular herb can help do away with your hemorrhoids?

Well, the answer to this question is a simple yes. Witch hazel is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids. It has since time immemorial been used as home remedy for this condition as well as others.

This articles explains more about witch hazel and hemorrhoids.

Before talking about its efficacy as a hemorrhoids cure, it’s first of all important to understand what witch hazel really is Witch hazel is a herbal astringent. It is extracted from a North American plant called Witch hazel. This plant is scientifically referred to as Hamamelis virginiana. In regards to its commercial production, witch hazel is extracted from the leaves, twigs, and additionally barks of the Hamamelis plant. The extracted is then processed and packed for consumer use Ready to use witch hazel comes in many forms. These include creams, lotions, ointments, gels, suppositories, pills, liquids, and even pure extracts.

Away from its description, witch hazel’s effectiveness against hemorrhoids can mainly be attributed to its astringent properties. As it is commonly known, witch hazel usually forms part of top ranked astringent products. Astringents are defined as substances which normally shrink or constrict body tissues. This definition can in itself explain how witch hazel clears hemorrhoids, it infers that it shrinks the hemorrhoids dwellings thereby reducing their prominence.

The active ingredients in witch hazel can also explain its hemorrhoids treatment abilities. One active component of witch hazel for instance is tannin. Tannins are key anti-inflammatory compounds. They help to reduce inflammation that causes swelling and pain in hemorrhoids. Continuous use of witch hazel will therefore help relieve you of hemorrhoids symptoms such as burning and irritation.

In addition to tannins, other active ingredients in witch hazel include euginol, safrole, saponic acid, calcium palate, flavonoids, and phenolic acids. These too are very effective in reducing inflammation. You should keep in mind that the more inflammation is suppressed, the faster your hemorrhoids will clear out and heal. The main objective of any hemorrhoids treatment method is to reduce swellings and prevent any further swelling.

How to use witch hazel to cure hemorrhoids

For hemorrhoids treatment, it’s most advisable to use a witch hazel cream or liquid. The first step to take while using witch hazel is to first of all clean the affected area (usually anal region) with water and disinfectant. Following this, let the skin in that area dry before applying witch hazel. You’ll only need to take a little bit of the cream or liquid and then apply it gently on your anal region using your fingers. Once done, wash your hands with soap to sanitize them. It’s recommended that you use witch hazel twice a day for faster and better results.